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Val Schuetze    
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada



Chili and her 5 sisters are out of our Chai and a very special dog named Sunny (aka Jerabee Hoosier Sunset).

Mindy Bartholomew of Faerytails ECS saw Tilley at the National Specialty show and decided to take her home as the only red in a household full of parti-colors.  It must have been hard at first, but now, the newly christened Chili or Miss Chili Pepper has joined the gang and probably doesn't know that she is a bit odd looking!


I have heard that she leads a great life down there in North Carolina, complete with her own swimming pool.  She apparently LOVES to swim!  Thanks, Mindy and John, for giving Chili a wonderful home.

Ch. Amawalk Dunelm "Scotty"

Chili finished her Am. Ch. with a major win, WB/BW/BOS.  She is now retired to the whelping box and has puppies by the handsome blue roan dog, Ch. Amawalk Dunelm Clansman. 

On June 28, 2003 she whelped her first litter of six pups.  Four red girls, one red boy, and one black girl. 

She came all the way to Canada to live with me, her co-owner, in order to start her Canadian Ch. and whelp her litter.




Chili has her second litter on the ground, by the beautiful black and tan dog
Ch. Dawnglow Checkerboard.

Chili's second litter is on the ground!

Here is the girl we kept from the litter, 
Cantabria Cajun Girl aka Chona, at 6 months.


Chona at 10 months.

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