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Val Schuetze    
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada




Cantabria Echo 
of Golden Gait


Riley is the product of a second breeding of Kuka to Deb Owczarzak's *Champ*. Because it worked out so well the first time, we decided to give it one more try. And we are glad that we did.  Deb signed on as co-breeder and Kuka whelped her final litter of two girls and one boy.



As I watched this little boy growing up before me, I thought he looked like a very promising pup.  He was very much a *cocker*, with good bone, short back, big ribs and a nice British *bum*, and above all he had the lovely, loving and sweet temperament that we had seen in every pup from the Champ/Kuka cross. We were able to find a wonderful home for Riley with a couple that had owned and shown Dobermans in the past.  They were looking for a show dog and a pet and Riley seemed like a perfect match for them and they gave our boy a loving home and allowed him to be shown to tap into his potential.  Deb stayed on as co-owner and Riley went out to the shows (mostly specialties and supported entries) to see how he could do.  We are delighted with his happy and successful performance.  He does especially well under breeder judges. 

His record:

  RWD and Best Puppy In Breed
Friends of the Canadian Guide Dogs (ECSCC
National Specialty weekend) Breeder Judge Mrs. Joy Hodgkinson, then......

onto Best Puppy in Sporting Group!!

  RWD & Best Puppy in Breed, 
same weekend, 
Breeder Judge Mr. Eugene Phoa


  1st in 9-12 Puppy Dog Regular Class    -    ECSCC National Specialty, 
Judge Mrs. Thora Brown

  1st in 9-12 Puppy Dog     -    Sweepstakes Class    -    ECSCA National Specialty,
           Breeder Judge Mrs. Bonnie Threlfall

  1st in 9-12 Puppy Dog     -    Regular Class    -    ECSCA National Specialty, 
Judge Ms. Virginia Lyne

  1st in 9-12 Puppy Dog     -    Sweepstakes Class    -    Bryn Mawr 
           (ECSCA Supported Entry),
           Breeder Judge Ms. Debbie Mason 
           onto Best of Opposite Sex in

  1st in Bred By Class at the prestigious American Spaniel Club Specialty  
            Breeder Judge Ann Clarke

Most recently Riley won  Best in Sweepstakes at Mason Dixon EC Club Specialty in October 2001 under 
breeder judge Pam LeFever and also was RWD at that same specialty under 
breeder judge Bonnie Threlfall.

Here is Riley at two years old. He has both of his majors and has done some nice winning at Specialties. He is now looking for a few singles and he will be an American Champion!


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